Alternatives of Project Free TV

There are eventually many websites that are no longer in use and the majority of them are from the online streaming category that has been shut down and are never probably returning on the web again. This close-downs have disappointed many online bingers and movie streamers who had their soul invested in the online streaming.

Though many online streaming sites have been shut down due to various troubles and terms yet many have been established on the internet with the same energy and of course the features too.

Here we are discussing an online streaming site Project free TV, which was closed down almost 3 years ago due to certain problems and issues that the website faced. We have simply got the alternatives of these websites that have become totally popular among all the movie lovers and the fans though.

Best alternatives of Project Free TV

You can simply download and start using the below mentioned online streaming sites that are simply best, have loads of advances as compared to project free TV and yes are completely safe as well.

B Movies

First things first, the site is totally free and yes you don’t have to pay anything to binge on this particular streaming website. The movie quality is of high resolution and you can also avail them in the HD quality as well.

You can also explore many movies that have been recently updated and have been recently released on the website as well. You can also download movies from this particular online streaming site.

Couch Tuner

This is another popular online streaming website that is the best alternative for Project Free TV online streaming website. You can simply watch all sorts of shows and movies out of all categories and genres. Well, it does provide the streaming contents in the high quality and most possibly in the high definition range as well.

Couch Tuner app

Yes, there are downloading features available on this streaming website. For information, using the site with the best and ultimate dashboard and the interface is actually fun.

Go Movies

Well, ultimately popular when it comes to watching movies online without any interruption. Go movies have got more features as compared to Project free TV and you can directly enter the website, as you don’t have to register on the website though.

However, you can download movies that are available on the website with different resolutions and various quality as well. There are other features in the website that helps you to adjust the playback settings when you are playing the content on this particular streaming website.


To the fact, there are many such online streaming websites that are available as the best alternative for project free TV with loads of features and benefits that you have been always expecting in the online streaming app on the whole. However, you can make use and start using the website that has been mentioned above, and binging on these websites are actually great!