How To Get Rid Of The Pop-Ups [Complete Tutorial]

The Kodi is software that can distribute various types of videos through different addons. But currently, most of the Kodi users are receiving numerous pop-ups while they are watching the videos or any other videos through their preferred add-ons. You must follow below-provided guidelines to know How To Get Rid Of The Pop-Ups. is a server that can resolve the problems of Kodi addons. This was introduced because of the high traffic acquiring by the Kodi. We are providing the three ways to remove these pop-ups from your Kodi addon. Have a look below for How To Get Rid Of The Pop-Ups [Complete Solution].

ways to Get Rid Of The Pop-Ups

Before following the below ways just dual check your mobile device and therefore the Kodi device is linked to the similar wifi network or not. If it is linked to various networks you can’t pair your mobile using any of these below techniques. Check the below provided ways: Pop-Ups

  • Using Stream Authorization Method
  • Using the Hosters With Captchas
  • Using the URL Resolver Method

By Using Stream Authorization Method:

In case if this technique is not working then attempt to evaluate you attached your device with similar wifi or not if yes then try below technique to repair vev.Io/pair pop on Kodi.

  • First of all, open the web browser.
  • Then, enter the given URL that is
  • Hit on activate streaming.
  • At last, go back to Kodi and watch the videos and TV shows.

By Using the HostersWithCaptchas:

  • Using the Hoster with Captcha is another way to remove error if the above technique is not working. This technique will deactivate all the hosters with captchas.
  • Choose settings by right-hitting on the addon.
  • Deactivate the “Hoster and captchas” option, lying below the playback tab.

Using the URL Resolver Method:

Here I will give you another alternative or shortcut trick, to remove hosters for all addons. URL Resolver Method is a one-time procedure. First, go to the settings option, and then hit system settings. Change the method to “Expert mode”. If you don’t need to use all these techniques then purchase a real account to repair the problem automatically.

  • Below the addon option, choose to manage needs.
  • Choose URL Resolver from the list.
  • And choose to configure.
  • Choose any hosters with captcha, and remove these hosters.

That enormous traffic is discontinuing the movie to execute well which means the enormous traffic of the Kodi software is the main disturbance to all of its add-on movies. To remove this disturbance the Kodi developers are presented the server. The applicant can remove all the disturbances if the user repairs this on his/her Kodi software.

Authorization Method, Hosters with Captchas and URL Resolver Method are the top 3 working techniques for and while combining if you face any type of obstacles connected to this technique then come to our website and tell us about the problem. For more details about How To Get Rid Of The Pop-Ups [Complete Solution], you have to come to our website and know more information about the same.